Peer Review Procedure

The peer review process for Asclepius Open LLC Journals is a critical component in maintaining the quality and integrity of the research published. The following is an overview of the peer review procedure for Asclepius Open LLC Journals:

  1. Editorial Screening: The process begins with an editorial screening by an editor who is an expert in the relevant field of study. The editor evaluates the manuscript for its originality, scientific rigor, and adherence to ethical guidelines.

  2. Assigning Reviewers: After the editorial screening, the editor assigns at least two independent reviewers to evaluate the manuscript. The reviewers are experts in the field of study and are selected based on their experience and knowledge. Reviewers are typically required to disclose any conflicts of interest.

  3. Double-Blind Review: The peer review process for Asclepius Open LLC Journals is usually double-blind, where the reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors, and vice versa. This ensures that the review is objective and unbiased.

  4. Review Feedback: The reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on various criteria, such as methodology, results, and significance of the findings. They provide feedback and suggestions for improvement to the editor, who then conveys the feedback to the authors.

  5. Decision Making: After the review process, the editor makes a decision on whether to accept, reject, or request revisions to the manuscript. The decision is based on the reviewers' feedback, as well as the editor's evaluation of the manuscript.

  6. Author Response and Revision: If revisions are requested, the authors are given an opportunity to address the reviewers' comments and revise the manuscript. The revised manuscript undergoes another round of review before a final decision is made.

  7. Final Decision: Once the manuscript has been reviewed and revised, the editor makes a final decision on whether to accept or reject the manuscript. If accepted, the manuscript is prepared for publication in one of Asclepius Open LLC Journals.

In conclusion, the peer review process for Asclepius Open LLC Journals includes editorial screening, assigning reviewers, double-blind review, review feedback, decision-making, author response and revision, and a final decision. This process ensures the quality and validity of scientific research and upholds the integrity of scientific literature published by Asclepius Open LLC Journals.