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Primary Cutaneous Lymphoma. About A Patient

Asclepius Medical Research and Reviews, Volume 4, Issue 2
Mabel Gonzalez Escudero, Anisbel Perez de Alejo Plain, Claribel Plain Pazos, Dayren Peraza Cruz, Carmen Rosa Carmona Penton, Lazaro Roque Perez, Lumey Hernandez Niebla
PDF Full Text DOI: 10.33309/2639-8605.040204

Estimation of the Global Cardiovascular Risk in Patient of the Policlinic Jose Ramon Leon Acosta

Journal of Clinical Research in Oncology, Volume-4, Issue 2
Mabel Maria Herrera Gonzalez, Carmen Cabeza Gonzalez, Rolando de la C Fuentes Morales, Dra.Tania Cecilia Casanova Arencibia, Yamilet Garcia Navas, Jesus Cuellar Alvarez
PDF Full Text DOI: 10.33309/2639-8230.040205