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A Study of Angiotensin 1-7 Secretion in Cancer Patients and its Correlation to Il-17 Production and the Immune status of Patients

Clinical Research in Hematology, Volume 4, Issue 2
Paolo Lissoni, Tiziana Aymerich, Laura Pandolfi, Marco Tomasi, Alejandra Monzon, Giorgio Porro, Massimo Colciago, Florindo Garro, Zivica Marzola, Dino Ceppodomo, Giuseppe Di Fede
PDF Full Text DOI: 10.33309/2639-8354.040204

Primary Cutaneous Lymphoma. About A Patient

Asclepius Medical Research and Reviews, Volume 4, Issue 2
Mabel Gonzalez Escudero, Anisbel Perez de Alejo Plain, Claribel Plain Pazos, Dayren Peraza Cruz, Carmen Rosa Carmona Penton, Lazaro Roque Perez, Lumey Hernandez Niebla
PDF Full Text DOI: 10.33309/2639-8605.040204