Privacy Policy

AsclepiusOpen as an intention of integrity, we perpetrate to safeguard the information of user with most possible security by hold fast to certain standard policies to defend our user's privacy.

Personal Information

As AsclepiusOpen supports open access publishing, all journal articles published are available for every researcher/ reader on internet to reuse and redistribute without permission from publisher or corresponding author. To have formal communication, we ask our authors/ editors/ reviewers to provide us with personal information like name, email address, name of the institution and postal address which is optional by user.

Domain Information

We believe in quality improvement in terms of services and publication could be done with the help of our authors/ editors/ reviewers timely. With this motto without user’s effort we will collect the visitor’s data from domain. This will facilitate us to analyze the frequency of a user and usage of the website and visitors rate also.

Information Disclosure

We AsclepiusOpen will never share the user’s information and details to any third party without our user’s permissions.


Cookies are nothing but tiny text files with little information transferred to a user's computer hard disk when they visit a website, it will help to recognise the user in next visit. These cookies cannot interpret or amend the user's hard disk data. Your browser will provide you the option to accept or decline the cookies. AsclepiusOpen uses cookies in some of its website pages, they could be accessible if you turnoff the cookies.

Further queries

For further queries or concerns regarding your privacy and please contact as at