Clinical Research in Psychology

Psychology is an important discipline of behavioural science dealing with human behaviour, which is an ancient medical specialization.

Clinical Research in psychology gives a grandstand to the medical therapists to explore unknown knowledge by open access instrument. The journal accepts cutting-edge articles like Research articles, Review articles, case reports, new strategies, and recent advances in Psychology that have led to new technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of many of these illnesses.

Forensic Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry, Stress, Psycotrauma, Addiction psychiatry, cognition, emotion, anxiety, stress, attention, intelligence, perception, the response of deep neurological factors towards behavioural changes and moods Biological psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry are the streams included in this journal. Researchers of the Psychiatry discipline are encouraged to publish innovative ideas in these Journals to provide a flourishing base to human behavioural science.