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Original Article

Risk of Unintentional Ingestion of Harmful Chemicals among Under-five Children in Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State

Journal of Community and Preventive Medicine, Volume 2, Issue 2
Christian C. Nwachukwu, Okwuoma C. Abanobi, Chikere Ifeanyi Casmir Ebirim, Sally N. O. Ibe, Judith I. Ukwajiunor
PDF Full Text DOI: 10.33309/2638-7719.020202
Review Article

Technological Challenges set up by Continuous Wireless Monitoring designed to Improve Management of Critically Ill Patients in an Internal Medicine Unit (LIMS study): Study Design and Preliminary Results

Journal of Community and Preventive Medicine, Volume 2, Issue 1
F. Pietrantonio, A. R. Bussi, S. Amadasi, E. Bresciani, A. Caldonazzo, P. Colombini, M. S. Giovannini, G. Grifi, L. Lanzini, P. Migliorati, P. Perini, A. Politi, F. Soldati, O. Meneghetti, E. Tyndall, R. Bellocco, R. D’Amico
PDF Full Text DOI: 10.33309/2638-7719.020104