Clinical Research in Psychology

ISSN: 2639-9113

Clinical Research in Psychology is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and brief reports related to clinical psychology. The journal's scope covers a wide range of topics related to clinical psychology, including but not limited to:

  • Psychopathology: Research on various mental health conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and psychotic disorders.

  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Development and evaluation of tools and methods for diagnosing mental disorders, such as diagnostic interviews, self-report measures, and behavioral observations.

  • Evidence-Based Interventions and Treatments: Study and development of effective interventions and treatments for mental disorders, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and other psychotherapeutic approaches.

  • Psychotherapy: Research on the efficacy of different psychotherapeutic approaches, the mechanisms of change in psychotherapy, and the integration of different psychotherapeutic modalities.

  • Special Populations: Research on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues in children, adolescents, and the elderly.

  • Prevention and Intervention: Research on the effectiveness of school-based prevention programs, community-based interventions, and early intervention programs for at-risk populations.

The journal welcomes original research articles, review articles, and brief reports on these and other topics related to clinical psychology, with an emphasis on promoting the science and practice of clinical psychology and evidence-based interventions and treatments. Overall, Clinical Research in Psychology covers many important areas of research in the field of clinical psychology.